Instinct 7 - Beautiful WE

Instinct 7 – Beautiful WE

Beautiful WE, at Instinct Berlin, is a collection of work that explores queer masculinity and makes us question our assumptions around identity. The exhibition is curated by Eric LeRouge aims to revisit and update the tribal politics of the 1980s and ‘90s. In this blog post, ROMEO takes a sneak peak at some of the works selected for Beautiful WE.

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Beauty and Hunger

Beautiful WE challenges our capacity to affect and to be affected. The art explores sensual experiences that illustrate each artist’s own thirst for beauty, and hunger for intimacy.

RoryMidhani_Scruffy-Puppies-Will-Be-Scrubbed_Mixed-Media_2018PR Instinct 7 - Beautiful WE
Rory Midhani

Brief Encounters

Each piece in this new collection celebrates the exhilarating nature of brief encounters, and the potential nourishment found in community.

Purpose_pencil-on-paper_ Instinct 7 - Beautiful WE
Raphael Panayi

International Collective

This artists in this collection come from, Argentina, Cyprus, France, Germany, Israel, and the USA – most have made Berlin their home. Beautiful WE investigates processes of inclusion and exclusion. It also celebrates the energy and creativity of Berlin.

Bobby-still-photography Instinct 7 - Beautiful WE
Nicky Miller

Instinct.Berlin is an art organization that explores queer identity and plays with masculinity. The gallery hosts two exhibitions yearly – one at Easter time, and the second in September. This year the Easter exhibition is called, Instinct 7 – Beautiful WE.

Boys-Don-t-Cry_Performance Instinct 7 - Beautiful WE
Yotam Peled

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