Daniel Arzola – Artist

Daniel Arzola is one young man who’s making a big name for himself across North and South America, crossing into Europe and spanning the LGBTQ+ global community. We’ve gathered together some inspirational quotes from the man himself and a selection of his work to give you a taste of Daniel’s iconic style.

“As an artist I want to show my inner universe and, my inner universe is queer.”

Logo Trailblazers Honors

In June, Daniel attended the Logo Trailblazers Honors in New York . He was commissioned by Logo to reinterpret gay icons like Frida Kahlo and Walt Whitman for the event. He also put together beautiful graphic videos to detail some of these historic trailblazers, like Hadrian and Joan of Arc, iconic historic figures that form part of our gay narrative.


This Venezuelan’s artwork has always been a form of activism he calls artivism, and he already counts celebrities like, Katy Perry and Madonna as fans of his work.

In 2013, he created graphics for a campaign called, No Soy Tu Chiste (I Am Not Your Joke,) bringing awareness to his home country’s lack of LGBT rights.

“Imagination can change and save your life. If you can imagine a better reality, you can have it.”

Daniel allowed No Soy Tu Chiste to be used everywhere. This meant that his word and love was able to travel far and wide.

“The message is more important than the medium, because it’s an idea, so I call that artivism.”


Each project he takes on has a central theme of love, equality, and transformation. We featured Daniel in our Gay Underground – Argentina piece, last April.  Since then, Daniel has traveled much of the Americas from Chile to Mexico, San Fran to New York and he even crossed the pond to France, showcasing his work and speaking on the power of artivism.

“We don’t choose when to be the victim, but we can choose when to stop being the victim, and we can transform everything. I think if we choose to transform violence into art, we are winning the battle.”

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