Our intrusive in-depth long-term international scientific studies (phew...!) have shown that the homosexual man displays an above-average interest in the size of his "dingaling" (also referred to as "penis" ;o).

Genuine GayRomeo DickOmeter (Length 9.45")
English version     |     German version     |     Spanish Version

So we have spared neither costs nor effort in our endeavour to develop a simple, practical measuring tool that will settle once and for all a question that's been troubling mankind since the dawn of history: "How big is »it« really?"

All you have to do is click here to download your patented GayRomeo DickOmeter tool and print it out. Then you can get cracking and benchmark your best friend to the very last centimetre! The DickOmeter comes complete with easy operating instructions.

Our DickOmeter also makes an ideal gift for all your male relations and favourite work mates! Just print a few more, try 'em out with your colleagues at work and see the fun start! It's guaranteed to give hours of innocent merriment and your boss will be truly delighted! ;o)