New Features
50% Discount

Last year we launched our new HUNQZ site. So, we’ve had to review what features we provide for free and which ones fall under PLUS features. We decided against charging a general fee for HUNQZ or your clients, like other sites do. However, if you're working as a professional, we believe it's also fair if we encourage you to do more.

12 Benefits
for 500% more profile visits

Our PLUS benefits are only about two things: maximizing exposure to increase your clients and making it as easy as possible to work as a professional companion. Our statistics show that PLUS HUNQZ receive on average 5 times more profile visits than free HUNQZ.


be seen first

Priority ranking

in search results

Large profile photo

in search results


be seen in 5 cities at once

Save Contacts

stay connected to clients


share private pics for a limited time

Save Phrases

for quick replies

Email notifications

never miss a client

Unlimited Photos

for your profile

More trustworthy

for clients


gives a great business overview

Other Extras

see XXX photos
be invisible

Save 50%
Limited Time Offer

We want to make it tempting to try. So we're offering you an incredible 50% discount! If you sign up for a year of PLUS you'll pay only €180 instead €360. That's only €15 per month. Even if you only work sometimes, and switch your profile on and off, you would need only 1 or 2 extra customers per year to pay it back!

We will inform you, as soon as the promo starts.

2 New restrictions
for free HUNQZ


Want to stay in contact with your customers? Great! But we consider that something for professionals. You will NOT lose your existing saved contacts, but you won't be able to save any new ones. You will still be able to block customers or other HUNQZ without a HUNQZ PLUS membership.


In the future, all HUNQZ will have to keep GPS turned on and either use their actual GPS location or choose a location within a radius of 100km. If you want your profile to be shown somewhere else, it's necessary that you become a PLUS HUNQ. You can then add travel dates and be seen in up to 5 cities at once. Another reason we did this is for fraud prevention. It's just too risky to let everyone fake their profile location around the world.

Last words

Guys, we realize these feature restrictions may come as an unpleasant surprise, but please understand we can’t make everything free AND stay in business. We hope you’ll consider HUNQZ PLUS features as an investment in your business to help you reach financial success. We want to seriously invest in making developments faster. Your contribution also allows us to bring you the best site possible now and into the future.

We'd like to give you a friendly nudge (in the right direction) by offering you a spectacular 50% discount for a limited time.

All the best

Your HUNQZ Team