Invite your friends


That’s right. All you have to do is give your friends your unique link so that we know you referred them.

How it works:

  • Go to the Share now page.
  • Choose how you want to share your link.
  • Send out your invitations.
  • Get 14 Fun Days per new profile created using your link.

After your friend signs up with a profile, you’ll earn 14 Fun Days of PLUS.

If you’re not already a PLUS member, your Fun Days will go into effect immediately.

As an existing PLUS member, Fun Days are added to your account and automatically become active at the end of your paid subscription.

You don’t have to do anything else, but invite your friends and make sure they use your link. It’s just that simple!

By participating, you also agree to our Terms and Conditions
Here are the ins and outs:

1. You cannot earn Free PLUS rewards by creating multiple accounts (no cheating).
2. If you have multiple accounts, you cannot transfer the PLUS rewards from one account to another account (non-transferable).
3. To qualify as a ‘referral,’ the referred individual must not be an existing PLANETROMEO user (we’re looking for fresh new faces).
4. The ‘Friends PLUS Benefits’ Program is intended for personal and non-commercial purposes and should only be shared with personal contacts you think will appreciate being part of the PLANETROMEO community (it’s not a numbers game).
5. A referred friend should only use ONE referral link. In the event your friend receives other links from friends, only the last link used before signing up qualifies for PLUS rewards. If you want to receive credit, make sure your friend uses your unique link just before signing up.
6. PLANETROMEO may suspend or terminate usage of the ‘Friends PLUS Benefits’ Program for any user at any time for any reason and especially for misuse (don’t try it).
7. PLANETROMEO reserves the right to suspend user accounts and/or remove PLUS rewards if we notice any abusive or fraudulent activity (play by the rules).