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At ROMEO, you will be part of a platform that connects 2 million people around the world for Dates, Friends, and Love every day. Whether it’s in customer support or social media you will join a group of talented people in a quest to bring people together.

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FAQ for applicants

What if I'm not from Germany or the Netherlands?
If you are a citizen from the EU, EEA or Switzerland, no problem! There’s not much extra paperwork, aside from the usual signing up with the local registry and tax offices. You can directly send your application to us.
What if I don't speak the local language?
Not a problem, English is the language of both our offices. You will need good spoken and written English skills to keep up with everybody. We offer German Language classes in our Berlin office if you would like to learn.
Is it a problem if I'm not gay?
Of course not. Your sexual orientation and/or gender identity is of no concern to us. Our team is made up of diverse people from all over the world, and we love it. As long as working on gay centered products is not a problem for you, you will fit in fine. We’re an equal opportunity employer.
What if I am from outside the EU?
Everyone’s welcome to apply however, the procedure is not as easy for those living outside of the EU. Depending on your country of origin, this might involve residence and work permits. There are a few websites that explain everything that’s involved for non-EU applicants, with up to date information.

For those applying in Germany The Federal Employment Office has a helpline to answer questions around this topic: +49 (0)228 713 2000 and also an information sheet to help you get the paperwork done.

In The Netherlands there’s the Dutch government immigration website and the municipal website:
How does the application process work?
Please click the Apply button at the bottom of the job description then fill in the form (In English). We will send you a confirmation of receipt and be in touch soon. For most applications, the first step is usually a Skype interview. The next step would be a test or directly invite to the office for an in-person interview. Good luck!

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