Groups are coming

We're pleased to announce the Group feature for our new website. It's the most important feature from our Classic website that's lacking in the new website. You'll also find more information pertaining to the Classic website here.
Since Group functions are very extensive, we'll tackle the transition in 3 steps. We also welcome your feedback. As we're adding Group features to the new website, you'll still be able to use Clubs and Guides in the Classic website.

Step 1:
Displaying Groups from the user's perspective.

Step 2:
Addition of admin functions.

Step 3:
Ability to search for Clubs

A few highlights

With our new Groups page, it's easy to discover new and interesting groups. You can access Groups via the Groups icon in the top menu.

We've tried to eliminate the confusion of having 75 categories. For the most part, more than one category will apply to most groups. In the future, you'll be able to choose different keywords and combine them, similar to the user search. Of course there is also a text search for specific words, e.g., "Madonna" :-)

Groups that you are a member of can be viewed on your profile. However, you'll be able to choose which Groups you'd like to keep hidden - or better kept a secret. ;-)

Under "My Groups" you have access to all Groups of which you are already a member. You can switch back and forth and use the album, forum and member search.

Everything will of course work on your phone.

Our Goals with Groups

Groups are one of the most important parts of ROMEO to us. In retrospect, we have to say that we haven't given enough attention to the topic of Clubs. Therefore, we want to use the transition from Clubs to Groups as a new start. As long as we keep the Classic and the new website running simultaniously, we cannot provide any new features yet. Groups will stay free as our gift to the community, to meet nice people and have fun.

Greetings from the Engine Room

Every morning, the different teams come together and inform each other what they did yesterday and will do today.

This is what we look like in "High gloss" and suitable for the Press.

Probably something very important like XXX photos in Groups? :-)

Our developers discussing Groups and the technical infrastructure.

Our Design Team is taking care of the functions, the user interface, and the color scheme.

Our Support Team will answer your questions about Groups with help from the developers.


  • Will there be a limit to how many Groups I can join or open myself?

  • May I run several Groups in the future?
    Of course you can. In the future, Groups will be connected to your user profile. This means that you can manage any number of Groups via your ROMEO profile.

  • Will Groups cost anything?

  • Will there be Group newsletters?
    Yes, but we will call it a "Broadcast".

  • Will all old data be preserved - eg. Photos, Forum?

  • Will there be Groups in the app as well?
    Yes, but we would like to finish Groups for the website first, to be sure how to do it in the app.

  • What will happen with "Guide" profiles?
    They will of course remain, but they will be integrated into Groups.

  • Can a Group ask for money (e.g., for events)?
    Yes, commercial use will generally be allowed.

Especially for Admins

One very important topic for you was: "What is improving to attract new members?" Besides the Groups home page and simple search (see above), we have more plans.

On one hand, we will introduce a general start page that all users will see after logging in. There we will also show suitable Groups to arouse users curiosity. In addition, introducting Groups in the apps will double the user reach.

Later on, it will be possible to name co-admins with limited rights or to transfer a Group to another user profile. This allows you to manage several Groups from one user profile easily.

What's next?

With each step we will invite a relevant audience and ask for feedback. On our To-do list you can always see what is scheduled when. But basically, it's done when it's done.

Nelly asks for your patience and is already looking forward to Groups.

Best regards,
Your Romeo Teams from Berlin & Amsterdam