May 28, 2019

We are pumped to introduce Groups! It's such a fabulous way to do what gets us really fired up - bringing people together. Search for like-minded guys for chatting and doing the things you like to do - without ever leaving ROMEO!

Share common interests

Is kink your thing? Latex or leather? Serious LBGT+ topics? You're not the only one so, share your ideas! Join a Group, upload pictures, chat, and discuss topics you like to talk about. Groups are exclusively available on

Get started today

Discover thousands of Groups.

Join as many groups as you like.

Search for interesting members of a group.

Post and talk about your topics of interest.

Share your photos in the Group Album.

Link and promote your favorite groups in your profile.

3 Types of Groups


You must apply to become a member. After the Group Admin approval you'll have access to the content.


You can join an open group instantly. Great for promoting your business or events to a huge user base.


Never shown in search and only by invitation. Perfect for you and your closest friends.

Start your own Group -
It's free!

  • You can create a group about any topic that's legal. Commercial purposes are allowed. Have a look at our Terms of Use.
  • As a group admin you are in charge of the content appearing in your group. Keep an eye on your Post & Album section.
  • Send as many broadcast messages to your group members as you like. But don't send too many invitations to non-members because they will report it as spam.
  • You're the king of your castle! It's fully up to you who you welcome or exile from your group.
  • Your Group is only visible to others when you have a minimum of 3 members and a photo.
  • New Groups with no members will be deleted after 30 days. Groups that have been inactive for over 1 year will be deleted.

Groups with a place to meet

Show it on the map. When a group has a real address where you regularly meet - e.g., a bar or a cruising spot - we advise you to activate the 'Place' option. Enter your address and inside your group profile, a map will be shown. If your group is purely virtual, DO NOT activate this feature; otherwise, your private location will be shown!

Tips to grow your group

  • Check that there aren't already groups for your topic in your area.
  • Take time and fill in all the profile entry details carefully and completely.
  • Upload a profile photo in landscape format - 2:1 ratio is perfect.
  • Log in regularly and don't keep membership requests waiting.
  • Ask your members to link your group in their profiles.
  • Stay friendly and always take good care of your members.

Manage Multiple Groups Easily

Here are two ways:

Via your private profile. Manage multiple Groups at once and be shown as the Group Admin. Log in with your private profile and create any Group you like.

Create a new profile. Keep your private life and your Group separated. If you have plans for a large Group, we advise you to create a new user profile and create your Group from there.

Bringing People Together

We believe Groups is a very unique feature in the gay world. They create connections beyond just hot hookups. Since we at ROMEO stand for diversity and inclusivity, we want to give everyone a voice. We know that some topics might be controversial, but we believe it's not our call to be moral judges for the gay community. That's why we, in principle, allow any topic that's legal. Nevertheless, we keep the right to remove border cases if needed. If you see something you feel is not right, please contact us.

We wish you lots of fun with Groups!

Your Groups Team