Keep your eyes open and stay safe

Meeting new people is exciting. At the same time, not every person with a profile wants the same things you do. We encourage you always to use caution, and common sense when dating or interacting with people online in general.

Protect your privacy

Be careful sharing personal information with others, in conversations, or in your profile such as physical addresses, phone numbers, bank account details, or photos of official documents and daily routine, until you get to know your Romeo.

Never give out your password. Make sure that you store all of your access information in a secure place and you keep your email address up-to-date. You need this information for certain requests, like changing your password.

Switch off GPS and use a fixed location whenever you feel in any way uncomfortable about the privacy of your true position.

If he looks too good to be true, he probably is!

  • Does he look like a porn actor or model?
  • Do you have to check his profile on another platform?
  • An 'honest' hot man from far away wants to marry you?
  • He does not want to meet in person or talk on phone/video?
  • Did you become a millionaire in the 'Romeo Lottery'?

What you should do

  • Check the user's authenticity and when he joined
  • Ask for more photos and a video call
  • Look to see if your Romeo is linked to friends on his profile
  • If someone is rude or offensive, block him
  • If you think he is a faker, hit the report button
  • If you get a spam message, hit the report button

Prepare for your dates
and have fun

Meeting up for the first time is always exciting. Is he really that hot guy you drooled over when chatting with him? We hope so, but please keep a few things in mind:

  • If you're in doubt, even a niggling feeling, have a video call first
  • Always trust your gut, if it doesn’t feel right don’t meet up
  • It’s always better to meet in a public place and tell someone where you are going
  • Keep your phone charged and share your live location with a friend
  • If you are hosting don’t leave anything of value lying around
  • Don’t do anything you feel uncomfortable with
  • Know your limits. Drugs and alcohol can impair your judgment
  • Don’t be pressured to do anything more than you usually would
  • Stick to your safer sex rules
  • If something bad happens, tell a friend, colleague or family member

Our advice

We know there is nothing more exciting than flirting with a new hot guy on ROMEO. But take a minute before you grab your bag and run to his place for a date… Is he too good to be true? Does everything he told you add up? STOP, we all want you to have a hot date with a beautiful stranger, but not if your safety is at stake.

Ask your potential date some questions and if you are still not sure, ask for a call or even better a video call, if you are lucky he might give you a sneak peek of what’s to come. If you do decide to meet him, always tell someone where you are going, and if you have a location tracker on your smartphone share it with a friend.

Wishing you,
Hot, sexy & safe dating,