Romeo Guide To:

Locations and Positions

ROMEO offers you great options to explore the world, manage your location, and 'hide' your actual GPS location.


Romeos Around You

In RADAR you see other users around you and they see you.
Your profile location is your actual GPS-position and updates automatically.
Choose a fixed location to 'hide' your actual GPS-Position.


Search in Other Cities

Search for any city.
Discover other cities easily.
Switch cities easily.


Plus Users Can be Found in Other Cities

Traveling users have an airplane icon on their profile.
Fill in travel dates and be seen in other cities.
Appear on RADAR in up to 5 cities simultaneously!

Your Position, Your Security

This is a serious topic, so let's be very direct. We all love how easy GPS has made online dating. We like being able to see who is around us and how far away. But as always, all this fun and comfort comes at a price: Your security!

We offer the option to see users sorted by distance or by using a search radius. It's technically impossible for us to prevent someone from calculating your exact location and making it public. And we all know that this might not always be the best idea.

How to Keep Your TRUE Position Private

There is only one thing that really works: You must choose a fixed location manually! Choose any location within 100km - around the corner or the next bigger city. You know what's best for you! When you choose a (fake) fixed location, your profile will only appear on the Distance grid at that location. So, only your fake fixed location and distance is shown, but your movements will not be tracked.

We strongly advise that you always use a fixed location whenever you feel in any way uncomfortable about the privacy of your true position.

Switch from GPS to a fixed location.
Choose a position that fits your privacy demands.
Users see that you use a fixed location.

Let's take a look at other options and we'll explain why we think they aren't effective enough:

  • We could let users switch off the distance info in their profiles. But as soon you appear in the Distance grid, you can be tracked using a triangulation app. If we don’t show your profile by distance, most users will not see you anymore.
  • We could switch off the distance display for entire countries. From our comfortable office, we cannot responsibly decide which countries are safe for you or not. Again, as soon we show users by distance, even if nobody has distance listed in their profile, the positions of all users can be calculated and monitored for movement. It's just a bit more difficult.
  • We could automatically randomize all GPS positions. But then how would we know your personal demand for the security distance? Besides, we fear a daily tsunami drowning our Support Team with complaints about wrong positions. 😉

All the best,

Your ROMEO Team