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Founded in 2009
225 Projects
85 Countries
€900,000 Funded

What YOU can do

Simply make a donation. As a Romeo, you can leave your profile name and we'll display the Foundation Supporter Badge on your profile. The company covers the operational costs of the Foundation, so 100% of your donation goes towards funding the actual project.

Gay Happiness Index

Based on a survey with more than 115,000 responses from 127 countries, we were the first to rank happiness by country and from a gay perspective.

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Our global and diverse community

has many different interests and needs

Free banner space

Non-commercial initiatives supporting the LGBTI community often can’t afford online advertisement. To help, we offer them free banner space.


We care for all our users. That's why we provide free PLUS subscriptions in countries where LGBTI people and their activities are criminalized.


With our unique target group and global reach, we give gay, bi and transgenders a voice and make their opinion count.


Just like our users, we're gay and diversified. With our App and website, we choose to provide a friendly environment for all gay and bi males, and transgender people, to truly live out all aspects of their gay life - show it, talk about it, and, by all means, share it.


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We have tales of love, beauty, romance, gay history, lifestyle, and even a few behind the scene adventures we'd like to share with you. Do you prefer tall or short tales? Or a furry tail? We've got a little bit of everything and a lot of fun.


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