Hey Romeos, I want to introduce you to JubJub.

He is an iguana who likes to eat bugs (yes, his name comes from the pet iguana of Marge Simpson’s sister, Selma Bouvier). He‘s responsible for keeping the PlanetRomeo source code bug free. His usual position is stretched out and dozing in his tree close to our warming “bug lamp”. The lamp is green as long there is no bug detected in our PlanetRomeo code. But once the lamp turns red, JubJub springs to action.

Bug lamp?

As all bigger software projects, the code of PlanetRomeo has thousands “automated tests”. They are little programs that check to make sure that things are working like they should. They have been written by the developers to indicate if something in the system is broken due to a recent code change. Because our website has a lot of interwoven code, this happens once in a while.



What happens when JubJub smells a bug?

Once a developer finishes his work, the automated tests will start to run and check if everything is working. Then our Product Managers and System Operators will check the new functionality in the development environment before uploading it our servers and testing it once again under authentic circumstances before it‘s delivered to you.

JubJub’s job is to keep the automated tests running and the code bug free. Because it would be too easy to just ignore broken tests, it‘s his job to bother developers to fix them. But if developers still don’t get it, JubJub will make an example of him…


Lesson learned.

You might remember that in the early days of PlanetRomeo we experienced way more bugs on our platform. These bugs fed JubJub until he grew to his current massive size. Now you know the reason for all those long ago bugs 😉

Today he‘s usually way more relaxed. JubJub’s on a diet and we plan on keeping him there, only feeding him an occasional little bug from time to time. He still keeps our developers on their toes though!

Christian – System Owner