2013 has been a great year for PlanetRomeo Foundation. In those short 12 months we were able to support 22 different projects in 20 different countries around the world, providing more than € 80,000.


From Help to Hope
Thanks to your generous support, these projects relating to Safety & Shelter, Education and Sport & Culture, not only helped those members of our LGBT family in countries where their rights are still developing. They offer hope to those facing darker times like in Uganda, Nigeria and Russia.


Community Spirit
Even the smallest projects can mean the world to communities facing unimaginable circumstances. But of course we want to do more, which is why PlanetRomeo set up the Foundation as an independent charity in 2009: to stand up for equal rights and equal opportunities for all members of our LGBT family, in a professional and sustainable way.

Meet the Foundation Board
Currently the Foundation board consists of five volunteers, each an expert in their field. They carefully review and select the best small-scale, community-based projects.


How You Can Help
PlanetRomeo makes an annual donation of € 60,000 on behalf of all Romeos. But more importantly, 2013 also marked the start of the Foundation Donation Program, meaning you can be even more directly involved in supporting the wider LGBT community. We were overwhelmed by your response: in 2013 a stunning € 41,980 was raised.

You can make a difference. Click ‘Get the Foundation logo on your profile’ from the Foundation section of the PlanetRomeo homepage. As a thank you, we will show your commitment by displaying the logo on your profile. Of course you will be updated regularly about the activities of PlanetRomeo Foundation.

Marc – Care Manager