YANN’X Re-imagines Disney Princes

This weekend Disneyland Paris will host Magical Pride in collaboration with Manchester Pride. It’s the fourth year the European Disney Park has flown the rainbow flag. We decided it was the perfect opportunity to feature the art of YANN’X, a man who reinvents Disney’s scenes from a queer perspective.


Disney is warming up to the gay community and has already featured a gay character in their latest production of ‘Beauty and the Beast.’ Hosting a gay party in Disneyland Paris is another step in the right direction for greater inclusivity and in raising the visibility of gay families.

Prince Seeks Prince

YANN’X has a wicked sense of humor and tries to play with the notion of the perfect Prince just being a regular person. The Prince is a character he plays at work, like a real actor. YANN’X hopes when the acting day is over these Princes go home to their boyfriends.

All of the art is by YANN’X. We have a selection of his sexy, provocative, and queer Disney pics below for you to enjoy. For even more of these gorgeous images follow YANN’X over at Deviant Art.





Queering Disney

Fairytales help children to learn about adult life in a safe and magical space. Including gay characters in these stories help us all to arrive at a greater understanding of each other from childhood. Playing with Disney characters, as adults living in the real world, is fun and helps to reflect on our own place in Disney’s narrative. YANN’X is committed to reflecting the gay story in Disney so we’ll catch up with him again soon.


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