Worldwide Safer Sex Survey

Worldwide Safer Sex Survey Results

We recently held a worldwide survey about safer sex, and now we’re ready to share the results with you. We were interested in getting an idea of your sexual behavior and your opinions about condoms, PrEP use, and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The response was impressive with a total of 69,551 of our members taking part.

Thank you for your participation. We really appreciate it.

We’re presenting a selection of the results here to give you a taste of what was uncovered by the survey. If you decide you want to know more you can find a link to the full results at the end of this post.

A Word From Our Founder

“The introduction of PrEP in 2012, a medication that prevents HIV infection, has been a game changer in the gay dating world. At the same time, there is a big discussion about its benefits and risks. With this survey, we want to help to find answers,” – Jens Schmidt Founder of ROMEO.


Our survey has revealed that an amazing 88% of gay, bi males or trans members feel they are (well)-informed about safer sex and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).


According to the survey, only 16% of participants said they use PrEP, and 67% said that national health agencies/health insurance should cover PrEP. Among PrEP users, 91% indicated a willingness to use condoms on request.

Worldwide Safer Sex Survey


We’ve just given a taster of the results for you above; there’s even more interesting and informative data to see on our complete survey results page.

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