Which gay animal tribe do you belong to?

Which gay animal tribe do you belong to?

When a guy says he’s a bear, we all know what he means. Nowadays, we have a whole gay animal kingdom that includes cubs and otters, wolves and bulls. But what if we added some more critters to the list? At PlanetRomeo, we thought we’d get creative and introduce some new animals to our ever-increasing jungle of queer beasts. So, which animal tribe do you belong to?


Congratulations, you’re an octopus. You enjoy your alone time and don’t pay too much attention to what other people think about you. While you are looking for someone to love, you’re extremely defensive when you sense someone is getting a little too close, but this is only because you don’t want to end up hurt. When you do find someone who is worth the effort though, you grab on to them and hold on for dear life. Sure you can be a little clingy, but you prefer to think of yourself as affectionate. You do you, octoman.


Congratulations, you’re a moose. You’re a pretty chilled out kind of guy, happy to mind your own business and go with the flow. It takes a lot to make you angry, but when someone crosses the line, you’ll fight with everything you have. When it comes to finding a date, you can get a little competitive, and sometimes this brings out an aggressive, ugly side to your personality. But for the most part, you’re relaxed sort of dude, living life the way you want, and not listening to anyone who tells you what to do.


Congratulations, you’re a turkey. Resourceful and intelligent, you know that the gay world, much like the animal kingdom, can be a cut-throat place, and you rely on your keen instincts to get by. You enjoy spending time gossiping in groups, but when it comes to finding a man, you know it’s every man for himself. Like a turkey, you have no problem showing off your best attributes to attract a partner, although you don’t like them to stick around for too long – by the time they’ve fallen for you, you’re ready to move on to someone new.


Congratulations, you’re a seahorse. While you may appear cute and naive from the outside, in reality, you’re determined, ambitious and fiercely protective. You care deeply about those closest to you and will go to great lengths to defend them. When it comes to dating, you prefer to take your time getting to know someone rather than jumping straight into bed, and you prefer long term relationships to one night stands. Romantic, loving and loyal, you’re the perfect catch for any guy.


Congratulations, you’re an ostrich. Though you’re mostly unaware of the gay world and all the strange labels that come with it, you still loving hanging out with your gay friends and occasionally going to gay bars. Like an ostrich, you can be fairly cautious, but you find it easy to open up to the right people. Sometimes it can take a few drinks before you pluck up the courage to approach someone new, but when you’re in the right frame of mind, you’re the life and soul of the party.

Pick a way to spend a Friday night

At a rock concert

Dinner with close friends

Going to a new nightclub

A night in with food and a film

Pick a Madonna song


Like A Prayer


Hung Up

Pick a pattern





What are you most afraid of?





Pick a fruit





Pick a gemstone




Rose quartz

Pick a book

War and Peace

50 Shades of Grey

Harry Potter

The Shining

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