What is Love?

We reached out to lovers, couples, friends, and single guys, with this tiny but powerful question: What is love? Here’s what they had to say:

What is Love? Sije Single Guy

“Love is thinking that each other’s sweat smells like magic. ❤”

Sije – Biology Student – Single

What is love? Marco and Sebastian - Engaged
Marco and Sebastian at a fake wedding. (They are currently engaged.)

“Love is trying to understand each other. It’s not judging one another. It’s listening. It’s talking. It’s giving each other space, and it’s being closer to that one person than to any other person. It’s feeling incomplete when your love isn’t around. And, it’s 50,000 other things. Love is in the details.”

Marco Hohl – Writer – Creative – Engaged to Sebastian – follow Marco on Instagram.

What is Love? - Faraz Ansari
Faraz Ansari

“Love is limitless, unconditional, no boundaries – just like the universe, never ending, always evolving, always creating. Love is a manifestation of a million myriad journeys culminating into a whole, to give birth to something so pure, so enveloping that all one can do is to surrender to its vastness. Love is love and everything in between – the yin and the yang. The circle completes itself.”

Faraz Ansari – Film Maker – Single – Previously featured in Queer Careers

What is Love? Davey Wavey
Davey Wavey

“Love isn’t what we see on television and in movies. Love isn’t fragile or jealous or conditional. It doesn’t cry out, ‘Why have you done this to me?’ and it doesn’t demand change in another. Love is seeing the undying part of yourself in someone else. Love is wishing for another’s happiness, even if that happiness isn’t with you. Love is helping someone soar, even if they’ll fly higher and faster than you.”

Davey Wavey – YouTuber – Director of – Single – Check out our interview with Davey.

What is Love? - Johnny Abbate
Johnny Abbate

“Love is an unconsciously planned risk, the screams of teenage hormones, the fly that keeps hitting the bulb, 10 pizzas, 10 motorcycles, 10 cocks, all at the same time and a stranger using his socks to clean the cum from your chest.”

Johnny Abbate – Photographer – Artist – Polyamorous – Previously featured on the blog, Boys Melancholy Blue.

What is Love? - Guido and Marco Skodlerak
Guido and Marco Skodlerak

“Empowering your husband to follow his career abroad, spending two years apart and then following him abroad… That’s love.”

Guido Skodlerak – PLANETROMEO Team member – Married – Believer in Love


What is Love? Melvic and Valdis
Melvic and Valdis

“LOVE is a magic brush that makes the world colorful.”

“If you are in love, and if you do something with love, it makes everything you do more meaningful.”

Melvic and Valdis – Love Beyond Borders  – The Philippines and Latvia – Committed

What is love? - Jackson Marsh PLANETROMEO
Jackson Marsh and Partner

“Love is the words you don’t have to speak.”

Jackson Marsh – Novelist – The Mentor of Barrenmoor Ridge – Married

What is Love - Jamie - In Love
Jamie – In Love

“Love is falling for the soul of the human; their personality as much as their body. Love is a deep empathy and mutual respect for your partner. They become your best friend and almost an extension of your own being. You feel accepted and supported to be your best self. Warts and all… And that goes both ways. You sometimes glance at your partner across the room at a party, as if seeing him for the first time again – and think ‘Yeah! I’m so glad he’s all mine!'”

Jamie – Graphic Designer – Committed 

What is love? Luis and Gustaaf - Boyfriends Living Together
Luis and Gustaaf – Boyfriends Living Together

“Love is:

Realizing you suddenly care to hear how his sleep, breakfast or day was;

Admitting you are scared because you start enjoying his company too much;

Doing all those things you promised yourself you would do if you ever met him;

Making each other laugh, think and succeed;

Stickers, selfies and messages;

Argue and get angry, but never going to bed without saying that you love him.

Love is what happened to me when I met Gustaaf.”

Luis  – Engineer – In Love with Gustaaf

What is love? Luis and Gustaaf - Boyfriends Living Together
Luis and Gustaaf – Boyfriends Living Together

“So, I guess love is basically the period after I have been lifted up and blinded and completed absorbed by this vortex of butterflies. So, with good love I end up with my feet on the ground, in this crosspoint of what normally three different groups of people mean to me: sex partners that energize me with romance and lust, family for trust and stable support, and friends for silliness and deep conversation. And in this protective sphere of care and trust I can build again on my individuality and express it.”

Gustaaf  – Data Analyst in Economics and Policy – In Love with Luis

What is Love? Noel Alejandro - Single
Noel Alejandro

“Love is to give up a little of your freedom in exchange for overcoming the dark and sinister monster of loneliness.”

Noel Alejandro  – Independent Film Maker – Single

What is Love? - Mark and Darryl
What is Love? – Mark and Darryl – In Love

“Love is being with someone who makes you feel comfortable being yourself, and who encourages you to do you; someone you can be open and honest with no matter what the situation is, someone whose sense of humor makes you laugh, and sometimes makes you want to murder them, someone who puts a smile on your face every time you see them, and someone who you never want a day to go by without them knowing how much you love them. Love is MdJ (my moppie). ❤”

Darryl McDade  – PLANETROMEO Team Member – In Love

What is Love? Lady Galore PLANETROMEO
What is Love? Lady Galore

“Love is that extra pat on the back during a deepthroat session.”

Lady Galore – Lady of the Night – Queen of the Alps – Read her interview on ROMEO 

What is love? Sander

“Love is accepting each other’s flaws and wholeheartedly caring for one another.”

Sander – The Other Half of Lady Galore – Committed

Gay Couple Cuddling Shirtless

What’s Love got to do with you?

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What is Love? PLANETROMEO Love Beyond Borders
Love is Love


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