From our office in Amsterdam, it is sometimes easy to think that life is all fine and well for our global gay family. And for some – it is:

The ones who kiss openly at the beach.
– The ones who hold hands walking down the street.
The ones whose parents said: “It’s OK. We love you and accept you.”

They are the lucky ones.

In certain places in the world, our community has even made huge progress.


But in other places of the world life is far from perfect. A stupid comment here, a snide remark there.“It’s just a joke!” they tell us.


But jokes are supposed to make us laugh; they should not make us cry.

Quite often, gay, bi & trans* people also hear things like:

– “It’s not natural!”
– “It’s a perversion!”
“God hates fags!”

Still in other parts of the world the situation is much, much worse. Right now as you read this blog, people like you and me are being threatened, tormented or abused.


Some are beaten up. Some are thrown in jail. Some are even killed.


Because those people have feelings for someone they are told they should not. Their “crime” is that they love the “wrong” person.

Sound familiar? We sincerely hope not, but this is the reality many of us face every day. But what is the impact? How does it make us feel?

To answer these questions and more, we’re inviting our 1.8 million members to take part in the first biannual PlanetRomeo Gay Rights Monitor. A study of this size has never been undertaken before, but we hope you’ll agree that this is important research.

It will take less than 15 minutes to tell us what life is like where you live. Click the PLEASE TELL US button after logging in to the PlanetRomeo website.

Thank you.

Care Manager