Hi Romeos,

Here’s an update on all current PlanetRomeo Foundation activities in the third quarter of 2013. In their most recent meeting the Foundation board decided to support another 7 brave LGBT initiatives with a total of €32,500 in funding.

  • Sahara Centre in South Africa is supported with €5,000 for a pilot project which will enable LGBT hate crime victims to report these violations online. It also aims at documenting these crimes as well as working with the police to fight homophobia.
  • The Humsafar Trust is an organization working with LGBT and MSM communities in Mumbai, India. PlanetRomeo Foundation contributed €5,000 to an LGBT youth drop-in center.
  • Red Umbrella Turkey, which advocates the (human) rights of LGBT sex workers, is funded with €5,000 for a research project aimed at making issues regarding violence and safety more visible.
  • A contribution of €5,000 has been granted to Fundació ACSAR in Spain. ACSAR will organize a seminar on the rights of LGBT asylum seekers, not only in Spain, but within the whole of Europe. It also wants to increase awareness in all European institutions responsible for asylum applications.
  • Other Sheep Rwanda, supported with €5,000, is committed to fighting discrimination and stigmatization of LGBTs and providing education.
  • El Observatorio Cubano de los Derechos (OBCUD) LGBT in Havana, Cuba is supported with €2,500. This independent, community-based organization will expand its educational activities on topics like sexual diversity and LGBT human rights.
  • Finally, a project in East Africa on temporary shelter for LGBT youth has been supported with €5,000. We can’t reveal the exact name and location of this project because it might put the organization or its personnel at risk.


More information on these projects can be found on the Foundation website.

What makes this round of projects special is that the funding has been raised by the community. As you may know, as per July 1st of this year it’s possible to make a donation towards PlanetRomeo Foundation via Thanks to our community we raised an impressive amount of €35,685 in the third quarter of 2013! We know that this first big wave of donations was the result of the introduction of the Foundation donation program. We are committed to taking the time and effort to develop this even further.

If you would like to help the Foundation to support projects, just log in on, and click the “Get the badge!” link on our homepage. As an acknowledgement for your donation you will receive the Foundation logo as a badge in your profile!

Marc – Care Manager