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We Stand with you

We’re asking Team ROMEO how it’s been, adjusting to the “new normal”. In this “We stand with you” we speak to Tommy from Advertising.

We Stand With You - ROMEO Advertising

TOMMY – ROMEO Advertising

Place of Origin: Steyr, Austria.

What is your role in ROMEO/ERASYS: Advertising Sales Manager

What do you do for our users:

I have perhaps a job that our users are not a big fan of, I am the guy that puts the advertising on our website. We at Romeo however try our best to concentrate on advertising that is interesting to our community and has a value to our Romeos. To give you an example: I work closely with party organizers to inform you about awesome, upcoming events in your area. Also, I work with online shops so you get discounts on the latest sex toys.

How are you finding working from home:

I have to say that I have mixed feelings. Of course, it’s nice to sleep 30 minutes longer in the morning, not having to take the bus or to be able to do the laundry in between BUT I really miss my colleagues though. As you can imagine next to working hard at ROMEO to get our Romeos this cool platform to entertain themselves during staying at home with features like VideoChat or our new Group Romeos Together, we do have a lot of fun at work. I really enjoy being with my colleagues and I do miss them a lot. The daily laughter, lunch together and perhaps some juicy gossip at the coffee machine… looking forward to having that again soon.

Any tips for users doing the same:

What I do is try to call some colleagues from time to time just for fun. Like we also do at work, talk about non work-related stuff, just spend a “smoking break” together to catch up on non-work related things. We are all having a hard time at the moment and it keeps us closer. It also feels good to talk with people that are in the same situation as you.

What do you usually do in your free time:

I am rather boring, I like to watch TV, Netflix, cook, spoil my cat, cuddle with my boyfriend and at the moment I am re-decorating my house and balcony.

What are you doing to keep busy in your spare time:

I don’t do much different as normally since I like to stay at home a lot anyways. One thing that for sure changed is that my house is much cleaner than normally, and my cat is the happiest creature on the planet because we are all at home giving him extra love and cuddles. What I also enjoy is spending more time with my boyfriend, it feels good that also in challenging times we are strong together and get even closer.

What are you binge-watching:

Just finished Tiger King and Toy Boy on Netflix. Also, I like to re-watch Friends or Modern Family in between. Makes me feel safe to have those well-known voices in the background.

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