Lucas Murnaghan – Water Boys

What is it about boys underwater that makes them even hotter? The sound of silence captured in a picture, the held breath, the ease of movement or pressure of the water? Whatever the attraction, Lucas Murnaghan, a Canadian based photographer, manages to capture the beauty, strength, and fragility of the male form underwater.

Story Telling

Each beautiful frame tells a story, some of love and support, some simply beauty, others regret. Lucas first started experimenting with underwater photography when approached to do a shoot in Ontario for the LGBT water polo team, Triggerfish. Previously he photographed activity on the water, like surfing. But really he’s a full-time surgeon. Being a talented photographer is a hobby for Murnaghan, and we hope he sticks to it because these images are captivating.


Lucas is very comfortable on and under the water. On a shoot, he goes without scuba gear, so the model and photographer reach a combined intimacy in a held breath. Just in case you were wondering, the surgeon and photographer has been with his boyfriend for ten years.

We have a selection of beautiful water boys below for you to enjoy. For even more of these gorgeous images follow Lucas on Instagram.

Models & Prints

The models come from a lot of different sources. Sometimes when booked to shoot, the company arranges the beautiful men. Sometimes Lucas finds guys himself on social media. If you’d like to model, follow Lucas on Twitter. If you’d like to buy a print of his work, head over to his website.


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