Vote in our PlanetRomeo Eurovision polls!

Which of these Eurovision guys would you most like to go on a date with?

Amir (France)

Douwe Bob (Netherlands)

Freddie (Hungary)

Justs (Latvia)

Donny Montell ( Lithuania)

Michał Szpak (Poland)

Sergey Lazarev (Russia)

IVAN (Belarus)

IVAN from Belarus sends you the ‘Horny Pig’ footprint. How do you respond?

Send him the ‘Horny Pig’ footprint back

Send him the ‘Very Hot’ footprint

Send him the ‘Stop bugging me’ footprint

Strike up a conversation

Ignore him completely

Would you rather have a romantic dinner with San Marino’s Serhat or go skinny dipping with Romania’s Ovidiu Anton?

Romantic dinner with Serhat

Skinny dipping with Ovidiu Anton

Would you rather have a quiet night in with the UK’s Joe and Jake or a wild night out with Cyprus’ Minus One?

A quiet night with Joe and Jake

A wild night with Minus One

Frans from Sweden is in town and needs a tour guide. What do you do?

Offer to show him around

Invite him out on a date instead

Invite him to your place – you’ll have more fun their

Make an excuse – you’re not interested.

You can date one member of Denmark’s Lighthouse X. Who do you pick?




Israel’s Hovi Star needs a date for the Eurovision after party. What do you do?

Offer to be his date

Suggest he look on PlanetRomeo to find a guy

Go to the party but leave with someone else

Tell him you’re already going with Frans from Sweden

Ireland’s Nicky Byrne is online. Which footprint do you send him?


Lovely eyes

Wanna have sex?

Very hot

Freddie from Hungary has an indecent proposal: he offers to take you to dinner in exchange for your vote. What do you do?

Agree – go to dinner and then vote for him

Agree – but only if dinner comes with a kiss too

Agree – but don’t turn up

Decline – tell him your vote can’t be bought

Go to dinner but don’t vote – that’ll teach him a lesson

Both Joe (left) and Jake (right) from the UK want to take you on a date. What do you do?

Date Joe

Date Jake

Date Joe, then leave early for a date with Jake

Date neither – you don’t need the drama