Virgos are some of the most romantic souls in the Zodiac, even with their allegedly “picky” ways. Week 1. Single? There’s no hiding how you feel, especially if you’re in a brand new relationship. Nursing a crush is never fun, but keep expressing yourself in a positive way. Week 2. Don’t let your ego get in the way. Sometimes it’s better to give than to receive in love matters. Mid-month supports fun outings spent in unexpected remote places. Try a walking date and stroll in a beautiful setting or a game of pool at a local pub? Also, mid-month is all about balancing male and female energies, so you’re on the same page with your honey. As things heat up, you may even begin to complete one another’s sentences. Week 4. Don’t worry if you think things are not moving quickly or slowly enough. Don’t compare what you have with what your friends have. Just don’t do it! What you have is unique to you and deserves your respect.

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