This month begins with excitement. Make your romantic dreams more a reality. Week one. You’re ready to move ahead with someone special. If you’ve been waiting a long time, wait no longer. Or your dream person could come along out of the blue, and make singletons into committed partners. Make your wishes known in growing unions. Just make sure you don’t accidentally step on any toes because, in the long run, you both want the same things. Partnered Virgos may want things to be very organized, especially if you share a living space. Around week three, you could see some disagreements that grow into arguments if you’re not careful. It’s not personal if your partner has left a mess. You’re both over it by the end of week 3, when make-up sex has never been hotter. Romance soars in week four too. Passion gets injected into everything you do together. Your plans with a lover take shape around the end of week four when you talk about taking another step in your commitment to one another or starting a new business that benefits you both. Enjoy this new level of closeness.

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