TRAVEL Feature Now in the App!

Our brand new TRAVEL feature has landed in the app. If you have the lastest app update, you’ll find an airplane icon  IMG#58484 in the bottom right, which lets you explore different cities. There are already thousands of Romeos with upcoming TRAVEL plans on their profiles.

TRAVEL allows you to explore guys in other places without changing your profile location. Our ROMEOs have entered more than half a million travel destinations so far. PLUS Romeos can also add up to 5 travel dates. Your profile will then show up in those cities until your trip has ended!

TRAVEL Feature Now in the App!

Let’s Break It Down

As a free user, you can use TRAVEL like a preview to window-shop users in locations all over the world. So if you’re going to Rio, Rome or Rotterdam, you can already check out local talent over there from the comfort of your own home.

PLUS members can do even more. After selecting a destination city,  you can also enter travel dates. Your profile will be seen straight away in Dublin, Dubai, Delhi, or anywhere you like (up to five places). To let the international Romeos know you’re a traveler, we’ll put this little logo IMG#58484  on your profile.


Romeo TRAVEL HotSpots

Since we launched TRAVEL, our Romeos have already checked out 643k locations around the world. Some of the top locations include Barcelona, Bangkok and Berlin. An impressive 2,550 ROMEO’s currently have their travel plans listed which means they’re already in touch with other guys at their upcoming destinations. Paris is very popular over the winter months and Maspalmos gains popularity in the summer.

TRAVEL Feature Now in the App!

Location and GPS Security

While we are on the topic of travel and moving around, we’d also like to raise awareness about the use of GPS and your privacy. Please check out our new Location Info page where it’s all about location.

Happy TRAVELing!



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