With summer just around the corner, the guys here at PlanetRomeo HQ figure it’s time to hit the gym and tidy up for the beach. But one question keeps cropping up and we just can’t agree on the answer: to trim or not to trim?


We all know body hair can be a real turn on or a deal breaker for some guys. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to search for guys based on how hairy they are.

All you need to do is go to “Users”, choose “Detailed User Search” and check your preference under “Body Hair”… Great news for those Romeos who are looking to meet a ‘Very Hairy’ hunk or a Sexy ‘Smooth’ stallion.

The Furry Facts
So now that you’ve got your search filter set up, what will you find? We had a quick look into our database to bring you the hairy facts (see chart below).


Smooth Twinks…
Since only 27% of you have no body hair or shaves, it looks like our Romeos are mostly hairy and proud! Looking at the data a bit more closely, we see that younger guys prefer to shave (13%), with slightly fewer shavers (12%), in the 20-39 age range. After that, we see a decrease in the number of shavers by around 1 percent for every additional 10 years.

…And Hairy Daddies
Of course, it’s a fact that men grow more body hair as they grow older, and this is reflected in our data. The number of Romeos who say they have ‘Average’ body hair is almost double for guys in their 40s compared to guys in their 20s.

But still, even with all this data we’re still not sure we have an answer to our question. So what do you think? Is body hair for you a turn on or a turn off? Let us know the comments below!

Roy – Social Media Officer