Do you remember your first day at primary school? How did it feel? A bit lost maybe? Not quite sure what you could expect? We can imagine that your first time on our platform raised the same feeling: PlanetRomeo gives you tons of functionalities for dating and socializing, but you first have to figure out how you can use these.  At your primary school you might have had a buddy to show you around. But, luckily we’re not at primary school. We’re not playing with toys anymore. Toys, fun and play mean something totally different when you’re all grown up. 😉 That’s why we call our buddys “Supporters”. They help new users to get started and they answer commonly asked questions to all our Romeos.

What are Supporters?
Supporters are just ordinary users (experienced ones though), who help other users along. They don’t have any other special rights or privileges and have no possibility to access confidential information.  This kind of info is firmly in the hands of our PlanetRomeo Admins, so don’t worry about your privacy. Questions about payments must always be directly asked to our own PlanetRomeo Admins.


To visit our “Live Support” section, just click on “Help & Service” on  A list of Supporters will be displayed. Next to their profile picture and name, are the languages they master. All these guys are online at the moment you see them in this overview and you can send them a help request simply by clicking on “Ask a question”. Every Supporter must activate the Support function each time they log on. This way, you know that they are waiting for your help request. They are happy to help you out.

Note:  we ask our Supporters to always answer a question from another user, but they are in no way obligated to respond to private chats.

Do you want to become a Supporter?
Because being a Supporter is a responsible task, we “screen” all candidates first. Before you can be a Supporter, you have to meet a few conditions. Nothing personal of course: we just have high standards. 😉 Your profile needs to be active for at least 3 months. Besides that, it is necessary that you’ve collected at least 1000 experience points (to see your amount, click on “My Romeo & Administration” » “XXX Access & Status”). You can gain points by validating pictures (“My PlanetRomeo & Administration » “Picture Classification”).

We’re an online community and just like in an offline community we help each other out. Was ‘being more helpful’ one of your New Year’s resolutions? Volunteer now! “My Romeo & Administration” » “Users Help Users”.

Jan – Team Leader Customer Service