Rollout of our new website for PLUS Romeos

Our highly anticipated new website is finally here with a new look and has already been tested and reviewed by thousands of Romeos. Even though it’s still a Beta website, it clearly conveys our mission: to facilitate dates, friendship and love for gay men across the globe.



This means mobile and desktop access, regardless of whether you use an iOS, Android or Windows Phone. Being able to use the website easily while you’re on the go gives you access to XXX pics. Additionally the new site offers improved messaging and contact management as some of the new core features. The large tile grid display contains profiles that are sharp and appear to come to life on the screen.




Chief Product Owner, Sven Voges says, “We are super proud of this BETA launch. Our developers and designers have been working their butts off to create a great new web experience for our Romeos. We’ve given everything a new facelift, from the user interface all the way down to the technical infrastructure  — and this is only the beginning.”

This Beta is still a testing phase before the final launch. So, the older site will remain online until all bugs are ironed out and fabulous feature updates are represented on the new platform. PLUS subscribers are the first group to globally receive Beta access to the new PlanetRomeo. They will get to play around with a series of new features, which will be added over the coming months, such as: a much improved search, additional location-based features, and ‘QuickShare’ – which is a feature that unlocks a picture folder to a specific user for a limited time.

By the end of the year, all members will have access to the New PlanetRomeo website.