The Gay Issue - Photoshoot

Photo shoot – THE GAY ISSUE (Behind The Scenes)

We recently collaborated on a photo shoot for THE GAY ISSUE, Belgium’s and The Netherland’s leading gay lifestyle magazine. Five guys from Amsterdam Waterproof, the gay water polo team, were being snapped for a fashion feature, scheduled to go out in the summer edition.

The Creative Team

The shoot was fabulous – sexy suits, a swish location, and a talented team. Stylist of the stars, Jody van Geert, put our guys in the latest fashion and the photographer, Dirk Alexander, who knew how to make these boys werrrrk. The location was one of Amsterdam’s hottest nightclubs, YOLO and even in the daytime the atmosphere at the club was inviting and exciting; exotic animal prints, mirror-balls and soft furnishings! Yasss Queen!

The Gay Issue - Photoshoot

The Gay Issue

THE GAY ISSUE is a distinctive, glossy magazine that provides a platform for the LGBTQ community and is made with gay men in mind. They have their finger on the pulse of queer culture and are at the forerunners in men’s fashion, art, food, music, and lifestyle. Each edition includes exclusive interviews with national and international celebrities and a commitment to making each copy a piece of art. THE GAY ISSUE is bold and exclusive: a lifestyle bible for all gay men.

The Location

YOLO is the newest gay and open-minded nightclub in Amsterdam, a cozy place where you can be yourself and enjoy memorable moments with your friends. YOLO stands for “You Only Live Once”, an invitation to live your life and enjoy it as much as you can.

The Gay Issue - Photoshoot

Release the Models!

The pictures from this photo-shoot will appear in the July edition of THE GAY ISSUE. We are teaming up with Amsterdam Waterproof and highlight their journey to the Gay Games in Paris this August. You can find out more about the team at ROMEO Sports and follow them on our Instagram.

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Meet the Players

Thomas Waterproof ROMEO Meet The Team As part of our collaboration with Waterproof, we’ll be bringing you hot pics and inside info about some of the players, on their way to Paris 2018. Each week, we reveal a new Waterproofer. You can already check out our first highlighted player, Sexy Thomas!


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