Oh Taurus, you know you enjoy the good things in life. Good food, good sex, good music. You want to be constantly surrounded by everything you love, and a partner who can give you this kind of security is ideal. This October you will have all of those things, if you can just resist the temptation to fight with everyone, and try not to clash horns with your boss.

Single? You could meet Mr. Right Now, this weekend, but Mr. Love is available too. Which pill will you choose?

Of course, when it comes to gestures, you are the king. Yep, you’re an old-fashioned romantic. You love dinner dates, roses, and go figure, you’re the sign most likely to take their time taking it to the bedroom. Once you get there, though, there’s no question that you’re a lover who puts everything into the act of worshipping the body. You hold love on a high pedestal and don’t throw the word around lightly. You might even believe in love at first sight, and the concept of ‘The One.’ And this month you can put your skills to the test. Are you going to wait for the real thing, or are you going to share your sexual energy with Mr. DTF?

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