Take some time for Picture Rating while waiting or before dating!

We’re excited to announce that one of your favorite features is now available on PlanetRomeo Beta!

Adding more features to our new platform

Our development team is constantly working hard to make the coolest features available on PlanetRomeo Beta. Next in line is Picture Rating. Nearly 100,000 pictures are uploaded each day that require classification. Since our launch in 2002, we’ve relied on you guys for a quick rating. The more people we have rating pictures, the sooner your uploaded pics are approved!

What is it?

All pictures that are uploaded on PlanetRomeo have to be classified and validated before they can be viewed by other users. The validation of pictures is done voluntarily by users in their free time. This way we keep the community largely free of illegal or unwanted content, and we can be more compliant in countries or on platforms that have stricter rules about “adult” content. Moreover, users can choose whether or not they want to see pornographic content.

It’s easy and fun!

Especially on PlanetRomeo Beta, it’s extremely easy to take part in Picture Rating. Simply log on to PlanetRomeo Beta and click the Picture Rating icon. To select the appropriate classification for each picture you can either click the appropriate category or you can use the keyboard shortcuts as a hyperactive typist. And the best part? What you see might be hot, funny, and sometimes even crazy! Be warned, it’s addictive. 😉

Totally anonymous

One of the nice things about rating pictures is that it’s totally anonymous. There is no way of connecting a particular photo to a particular profile. The system also ensures that validating users do not come from the same geographical region as the owner of the picture.

Got some time to kill?

Picture Rating is the perfect pastime for when you have your hands free, either at home, or on the go. Now that this feature is available on PlanetRomeo Beta, don’t hesitate, start rating now!