Take the PlanetRomeo Sex and Relationships Survey!

Take our PlanetRomeo survey!

Romeos – we want to get to know you better! We want to find out what turns you on, what turns you off and everything in between. Take our quick, anonymous survey and then we’ll use your answers to find some cool stats about our users!

What are you hoping to find on PlanetRomeo?




Does the size of a guy’s dick matter to you?

Yes, always

No, never

Only when I’m bottoming

Have you ever lied about your size?

No, I’m always honest

Yes, once or twice

Yes, all the time

Do you have any XXX pics on your profile?

Yes, in my public photos

Yes, but only in my private photos


Where would you spend an ideal first date?

At a restaurant

At a bar

At the cinema

At their/your house

When was the last time you had sex?

In the last week

In the last two weeks

In the last six months

In the last year

Over a year ago

Would you like to get married someday?




I’m already married

Would you be open to dating a guy if there were a 10 year age gap between you?

Yes, why not?

No, I prefer guys closer to my age

Yes, but only if he were younger

Yes, but only if he were older

Have you ever had group sex? (3 or more people)

Yes, with two other people

Yes, with more than two other people


Do you own a sex toy?

Yes, just one

Yes, more than one


How would you describe your sexual position?





How often do you send footprints?

All the time!

Only when I’m horny

Only for really special people

Not very often


Which activity do you enjoy most?


Oral sex

Anal sex

Role-playing and S&M

Have you ever been to a gay sauna?

Yes, and I would go again

Yes, but I wouldn’t go again

No, but I would like to go

No, and I don’t want to go.

If you met a guy online, would you lie about where you met?

Yes, to everyone

Yes, to some people

No, why would I?


Thank you for completing our PlanetRomeo survey. Come back soon to find out some cool stats about your fellow Romeos!