Sven Speaks: Our Chief Product Owner Answers Your Questions


The other week, we asked you guys if there was anything you wanted to know about PlanetRomeo. Rather than having to trawl the Internet or scour our website for answers, we thought we’d let you ask the guy with all the answers directly. Sven is Chief Product Owner here at PlanetRomeo, meaning he is the guy who oversees our latest releases and keeps everything running as it should. When your questions started coming in, we went straight to the guy with all the answers…

Do you plan to offer a one-to-one chat instead of the old fashioned messaging system we currently have on the desktop version of PlanetRomeo?

Yes, we have plans to do this. In fact, in the App, messaging is already much easier and also on our beta platform where you can chat one-to-one without having to open lots of new windows. Right now, the beta version is only available to PLUS users, but we’re planning to roll it out free this Spring. We also plan to roll out a real time chat feature for the current desktop platform towards the end of this year.

Could you please make the GPS locations more accurate? When I’m in my rural hometown, it always comes up as a city 40 kilometres away.

This isn’t a problem with our GPS but with our region systems, which we are working on improving right now to show more accurate location names for people living in rural areas.

Why is ‘transgender’ listed as a sexual orientation like gay or bisexual?

You’re right that this is a mistake and we are working on a redesign of our profile stats at the moment. Within this project we’re also discussing how to offer a better platform for our transgender users and are aiming to have improvements coming later this year.


You wrote that your App was banned from the app stores several times. Which company/store is more narrow-minded and how do you change the App so its gets approved?

Apple is a little stricter than Google, but they are more polite too. In the past, Google just took our App from the store whereas Apple at least calls and tells us what the problem is. It often depends on the reviewer and this can change from version to version. We can only hope that we are reviewed by someone who is a little more tolerant otherwise we have to fix our App to meet their requirements.

Why can’t you classify photos on the uncut App?

The uncut App and Play Store App have the same code base, so having picture classification only in the Uncut App [we can’t show X-rated pics in the actual App] would take a lot of effort. The solution is that our new beta site is optimised for mobile devices and you will be able to access picture classification there.

How can I enlarge the pictures of guys when I’m browsing people who are nearby?

With our new beta platform, you will be able to customise how you view guys, meaning that you will be able to see much larger photos. This will be available free to all Romeos this Spring.

What are you doing to remove fake profiles from the site?

We have a very sophisticated system in place to automatically track down fake profiles that we’re constantly improving. But of course, we also depend on our users. Whenever you see a fake profile, you should also be sure to report it as part of the automatic detection depends on the reports we get from users.

I want to upgrade to PLUS membership but why can you only pay by credit card and not PayPal?

The problem is that not all payment providers really support working with platforms like ours. PayPal regulations don’t allow us to work with them, so the number of payment options per country is limited. The payment options are different in each country and so how you can pay just depends on where in the world you are.

Thanks a lot for your questions guys!