Our support guys answer your questions


Meet Romain, Horst and Ronny, three members of our hard-working PlanetRomeo Support Team. When you have a problem you need fixing, these are the guys who are there to help. Our Support Team gets asked a lot of questions every day, so we thought we’d round up some of the most common and let our guys answer them for you. Take a look!

The site and/or App is running slowly. How can I fix this?

Romain: This depends on each individual case. It’s difficult to give a definite answer.
Ronny: The first thing you can do is try clearing your cache and deleting your cookies.
Horst: If you’re referring to the beta site, then this is something we’re working on. Because it’s new, this is still a learning process and it will take a little time for us to get up to speed.

I received a message telling me I’d won a prize. What should I do?

Ronny: These messages are never sent by us. Don’t react and never reveal any personal details. You can report the guy’s profile so we can deal with it.
Horst: If they get reported enough times, they’re automatically restricted on the site.

What should I do if a user is being abusive?

Romain: The first thing to do is block him.
Ronny: If you feel seriously threatened or have been the victim of a crime, then you need to contact your local police authority.
Romain: But if it’s a case where a guy is being stalked or publishing someone’s private details, the user should contact us at
Horst: And always click the ‘Report User’ button on the guy’s profile.
Ronny: If you want to report someone but you can’t access their profile because you’ve been blocked, contact support directly with their profile number or profile name.


Someone is using my photos. What should I do?

Ronny: You need to contact us and attach a photo so we can clarify your identity. You’ll need to hold a piece of paper with your email address or username on it so we can be sure it’s you.

Why is PlanetRomeo banned in some countries, such as Malaysia?

Ronny: It’s not blocked by us, but the government. You can work around this using a VPN or a foreign ip address.
Horst: Users in these countries have to contact us for complete information as we have detailed instructions on how to get round this.
Ronny: We have five or six different options.

I’m taking part in picture verification but I don’t know how to classify explicit cartoon images.

Ronny: The same way as if it were a real person. A cartoon erection is still a hardcore picture.
Horst: But we don’t allow manga or anime. We allow drawings by our users but because of copyright problems, we don’t allow images from outside sources. And we don’t allow cartoons that show animals having sex or anything like that.


Why does PlanetRomeo want to know my location? And why are location settings sometimes inaccurate?

Horst: You don’t need to share your actual location if you don’t want to. You can choose any location you want, but then the search function won’t be accurate. In the past you could get away with picking no location, but now that’s not possible. If your location isn’t displaying correctly in the App, try setting your location manually to anywhere else and then switching back to GPS. Then it should work.
Romain: If you live in a small village for instance, you’re going to pick up the nearest city that’s available in our database.
Ronny: If you select a location that isn’t in our database, like somewhere very rural, you get redirected to the nearest place we have.

Why can I still see users that I’ve blocked?

Horst: By autumn, blocking will be different on PlanetRomeo. As soon as you click block, no contact will be possible from either of you and the profile won’t show up any more.

We hope these have answered some of your questions about PlanetRomeo. If you have a question that hasn’t been answered here, check out our Support FAQ page or contact the support guys directly at