In the spotlight: Our Swedish Romeos

As you might know, this week marks one of the most important dates in Europe’s gay calendar – The Eurovision Song Contest! This year, the event will be held in Sweden, one of the world’s most gay-friendly countries with a history of doing very well in the competition – having won an impressive six times! Of course, their most famous win came from ABBA – also the most successful act ever to come from Eurovision – but there’s much more to Sweden than everyone’s favourite pop foursome.

For example, despite having a very strong record on LGBT+ rights, back in 1979, homosexuality was still officially classified as an illness. As a result, people starting calling in sick to work, claiming to be gay. One woman even managed to get Social Security benefits on account of her “illness”. Needless to say, the law was subsequently changed.

Want some more weird Swedish facts? In the early 2000s, Sweden started a ‘condom ambulance‘ service to combat the rise of STIs. If they found themselves in need, people in Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmo could call a number to get condoms delivered directly to their homes. It turns out the Swedes are a frisky bunch, but there’s not a lot of information on what gay Swedish guys get up to between the sheets. But that’s where we come in!

With around 7000 active users in Sweden, we thought this would be a great opportunity to give them a bit of attention – so we put our magnifying glass over our Swedish Romeos and found out some interesting facts…