Single on Valentine's Day

Single on Valentine’s Day

We speak to a happy and single gay guy, Nich Matthews from Canada, about his plans for Valentine’s Day.

Single on Valentine's

Introducing Nich

Hi, my name is Nich, I am 32, and I am a divorcée from Canada. I work full-time for the Federal Government of Canada. In my free time, I am deeply dedicated to my local gay rugby team, Ottawa Wolves. I also spend time hiking, visiting parks with my three dogs, hanging out with friends, playing boards games, or just relaxing at home with a good movie or book, while cuddling with my dogs.

Being Single on Valentine’s Day

How do you feel about Valentine’s Day as a single guy?

I believe every day is a day to love and this can be demonstrated in small ways. I also firmly believe that Valentine’s Day is a great time to go a bit above and beyond; it’s an excuse for larger romantic gestures and cute/fun activities. As a single guy, I will take the opportunity to spoil myself (and my dogs) and show myself some love by buying myself something nice.

Valentine’s Day Plans

What will you be doing on February 14th?

This Valentine’s Day, I will be hosting a gathering for my other single friends. We are going to hang out, order some pizza, wings, ice cream and bring lots of wine. We are going to relax and eat all the bad food, while watching horror movies and just generally having a fun time.

Single on Valentine's

Self Love

What advice do you have for other single gay guys on this love holiday?

Take the time to make yourself feel good! Whether that is by going for a hike, taking a spa day for some pampering, or just staying in your pj’s all day with a good book. And if you really need to feel a connection, then call up another friend who may not want to be alone and find something fun to do together.

Single on Valentine's

Valentine’s Day 3-Way

Is Valentine’s Day the best day for closed relationships to open up and welcome in a third?

I think that definitely depends on the relationship. If you and your significant other are ready, and want a third (fourth, fifth, or sixth), then go for it and have yourself a wild night! Nothing says I love you like waking up really sore the next morning. 😉

Single on Valentine's

Life After February

Let’s look into the future… What happens after February 14th? Will life go on? Can single people survive for yet another year?

Of course, life goes on. Being single doesn’t make you less than anyone else. If you find yourself really depressed or sad on Valentine’s Day, then call a friend or a family member. There are lots of people who love you in your day-to-day life; they will be happy to share it with you. If you don’t think you can go another year without someone in your life, and haven’t found someone in the previous year, then try changing your regular activities. Try talking to people online that you usually wouldn’t talk to. You never know who you might meet, if you just give people a chance to get to know you.

Peace and Self-love,


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