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ROMEO is committed to helping you find Mr. Right or Mr. Right now. One easy way to speed up the chase and help you find an exact match is to use our Search feature. With Search, you can specify what you’re really looking for.

Top to Bottom Options

Let’s start with the basics, are you a top, bottom, or versatile today? You might be in a horny top mood, and you want to find a gorgeous bottom guy nearby to make sweet or steamy love, or a little of both.

Log on to ROMEO and select Distance, Activity or New, at the top of the screen. If you are on a laptop, you will see the Search on the left of the grid. To open up Search on the App, you need to tap the Search button. You’ll see a blue icon floating over the grid at the bottom of the screen. (Bottom center for iOS and bottom right for Android). Tap this blue icon, and the Search options will appear.


Search the Perfect Match

You can Search a lot, from age range to height and weight etc. But today we’re looking at the top, bottom and versatile options. So, if you’re looking for a bottom, just tap that option. It will turn blue, hit apply, and your grid will update with all the guys who have bottom selected on their profiles. This will remove the top guys from your grid.

If you woke up in a bottom mood yourself today, and want a local top to come and help you reach horny heights of orgasm, just tap the top option. And if you’re open to flip-flopping, tap versatile.


ROMEO PLUS has even more enhanced Search options as it also allows you to add specific tags to your search. You can select a tall, hairy guy by using these tags in your search. You could also look specifically for a Bi guy, size L, cut, who’s into soft SM, or whatever you are into. The combination of a preferred age range, sexual role, and these inspirational tags really helps you to seek out and meet guys that are exactly what you hoped for.


It’s always a good idea to keep your App updated with the latest version to take advantage of the newest features. So go ahead and update right now and start using our Search feature to find a guy for the rest of your life, or for your immediate needs!

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