Your hot-blooded sign is ready for some action this month. Week 1 sets your heart aflutter. Single? Someone you’ve recently met is hard to forget. Week 2. Good things to try: dates and other fun activities. Married? On the 11th, you get a powerful punch, perfect for helping you reconnect like never before. You miss your honey bunch even though you see him all the time. Make sure this is a night to remember and forget the rest of the world. If you’re seeking someone new to date, the 19th lets you be your true freaky self in a fun and relatable way. Try not to see a partner through rose-colored glasses at this time, though, or you could end up disappointed. While in week 4 tempers may flare, your underlying affection for each other gets you through it without too much fuss. On the 28th, try to carve out some time to kick back and relax. It’s fun to get dressed up for a night on the town, but cuddling together on the couch is what you both exactly need.

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