Scorpios have a reputation for being bitchy. You have a sting in your tail, blah blah, but oh man can you rule in the bedroom. You can be forceful, confident and ‘creative.’ It’s a sexual hat-trick. Intensity is an understatement when it comes to describing Scorpios. You’re definitely the horniest sign, and you won’t deny it. But horny for you, describes a kind of intense and probing passion that scares a lot of lovers off. Try not to eat everyone you fuck. (Good rule to follow.)

You are possessive about an old phone and a lover reaches out to you later this month. Will you accept his offer? You have a tendency for control in life and love. This time he wants to be in control.

Whatever you choose, your sex life this month is going to be extra kinky, but you’re not always the best at balanced relationships. When you love, you love with everything, and when that love doesn’t turn out the way you wanted, you’re a powerful enemy. Passion rules your life, and it makes you a hell of a partner in every possible way.


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