Week 1 – You give proper attention to or even say the words a love interest wants to hear. You stand at the doorway of love, but you hesitate to walk through it. You deplore showing your feelings, but with a Full Moon, you can say the devil made you do it. Week 2 – The Quarter Moon has you spilling previously well-kept secrets with your own brand of sexy sass. Week 3 – It’s all about lighthearted love, flings, and one-night stands. Plunge right in and enjoy the emotional freedom. A New Moon in Virgo adds a touch of class to the romantic cray-cray. You flourish in steamy circumstances, and Week 4 – May be one long, erotic encounter with Pluto provoking powerful romantic urges. It’s best not to act on all of these urges unless you’re getting an “ok” signal from your inner wisdom.


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