When Mister Scorpio gets invested in love, nothing can pull him away. That enviable focus comes in handy week one and supports displays of affection. Though you can be a little stubborn, let someone know how much they mean to you. Single Scorpio men should spend a bit more time getting to know a new dating partner. You have your reasons for taking it slow. By week two, it’s safe to move forward. In a relationship? Week two’s end signals a time of renewed commitment. Go all the way and have a party or a ceremony. Wonderful! Your friends support you both. Plans can get derailed, so try not to take anything personally. It may just be an off night for you both. By week 3, things have cleared up, and romance is on the agenda. Get close by spending a quiet evening at home, showing each other how much you care. Week 4. You’re both united to make shared dreams come true. Taking new action feels wonderful, and cements your strong union.

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