Your fun-loving side gets a workout this month. Week 1 encourages you to share your famously deep feelings with someone you’re crushing on. It’s not a “thing” yet, but you’re working toward it. Single? Week 2 helps you relax and get to know someone new in an easy way. As you get to know each other better, the end of week 2 suggests you’re getting closer than ever before. Married? Mid-month fosters building something together. Whether you’re building a new home or building a family, you’re on the same page and looking in the same direction. In week 4, communication becomes challenged, but you keep working at it. Just don’t force your opinions on your partner or you could start an argument, instead seek compromises. The end of the month urges you to find new ways to speak your partner, share your lives and feelings, and cement your bond. Don’t make it big or dramatic. Just check in with your honey, and you’ll make a difference.

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