Week 1 – Your imagination runs rampant, and it’s putting extra spin on a promise made to your partner – the boundaries of truth can stretch, be aware of just how far. A Full Moon signals reward time in love and a closed-door policy. Week 2 – That lunation brings what you’re looking for straight to your door, and you throw away the keys. Week 3 – The Sun enters your already cramped nest, and the heat is on. This weekend, your emotions get so hot that you feel out of control and want to rebel. You ‘need’ to regain the freedom of movement you feel you’ve relinquished. Week 4 – You plot a spiritual journey or a physical journey. With or without your love interest? Tired of happiness. Week 4 – Pluto makes it easy to bring intimacy into everyday conversation. You find just the right words to heal any misunderstandings.


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