Your wandering eye, Mister Sag, may be on more than just your favorite travel destinations this month. Love takes center stage. In week one, the planet of love supports a new love entering your life. We call this perfect timing for you single Sagittarians looking to find a running mate, especially one that won’t cramp your style. Someone may accidentally step on your toes, but don’t let it bother you. Everyone makes mistakes once in awhile Let them apologize and move on. If there’s one time during this month that’s custom made for love, it’s in week 2, when everything feels perfectly balanced and harmonious. If you’ve meant to have The Talk, week 3 is an excellent time to chat about your feelings, and where things might go from there. Partnered Sag natives find the perfect balance at the end of week 3 when you’re so in sync; it’s scary. For you, making travel plans is like foreplay, so pin the map to the ceiling, or to his back, and start deciding where to go next! Your sexy vibe is off the charts in week 4, so go out with your love and make it happen. Your chemistry is stronger than you ever imagined.

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