ROMEOs Ultimate Pride Playlist!

Let this summer POP!

Summer has arrived and it’s officially PRIDE. Let’s be real, we miss the parties! ‘Party’ and ‘Pride’ go hand in hand; just like our worldwide happy couples. However, what is a party without dancing, music and letting loose (and I mean, we all know how much we miss this behaviour). This year, we created the Ultimate Pride Playlist for everyone to add to, join in and party along to – whether it’s virtual, on a boat or in a house! See below, a sneak preview of the top 100 songs on the Playlist so far!



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You might be getting to ‘Work Bitch’ right now, but this summer ‘Like a Virgin’ we are taking pride in both hands, grasping it and dancing like there’s no tomorrow. So, let’s ‘Spice Up Your Life’ with the Spice Girls, or ‘Keep On Movin’ with Steve Mac – because we’ve got your back. And we hope it’ll be sweaty too.
What are your Pride top tunes? Tell us now and join in the party! Simply click on the Spotify link and you will be taken to our Ultimate Pride Playlist where you can add as many songs as you like and play shuffle on FULL volume!


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In order to bring the party to life, we have collaborated with ROMEO users around the world.

Just when you thought the playlist was enough, we have created an Instagram filter that will get you going! Visualise the POP beat through our equaliser and see the rainbow dance with us! Get your sexy sunglasses on and let’s have the best summer pride. For all you ROMEOs out there who want to celebrate with your friends from home or anywhere else, this is our unique pride party filter from us to you:

Click here to use the Instagram Filter!

Big love and Happy Pride,
Your ROMEO Team


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