ROMEO Love Story Update

ROMEO Love Story Update

Liam and Raphael reached out to us last year with their ROMEO Love Story, which we shared on Valentine’s Day 2018. Well it’s been a whole year, so we’re checking back to see how things are going with the happy couple in our ROMEO Love Story Update.

ROMEO Love Story Update

Love Story Update

Hello Liam and Raphael, how was your honeymoon in Thailand?

Our honeymoon was amazing. We spent 3 weeks traveling around the south of Thailand, island hopping and doing our PADI Advanced Open Water Certificates and catching some sun. Then we spent 3 weeks in the north visiting a lot of friends from when Raphael used to live there. He spent two years in Thailand learning martial arts and the language. So we ended up getting quite a lot of freebies from Thai locals, who were surprised that this large white man was talking to them in their own language. We visited an elephant sanctuary for rescued elephants and took some cooking courses. We basically lived the high life for 6 weeks. It was amazing! We came back fat and happy, haha.

ROMEO Love Story Update

Becoming Parents

Have you talked about kids?

We have talked about kids, although we both agree now isn’t the right time. As we are both classified as students and Raphael doesn’t get paid during his practical year as a doctor, we will wait until we have a more stable income. But it’s definitely something we will be looking into over the next few years. Not so sure as to how yet, but open to ideas.


What do you think is the future of romance?

That’s a tough question. It’s pretty easy to get caught up in our own busy lives and forget to be romantic. So we just do lots of little things for each other. We cook a lot for each other. We always make sure the other is happy and feels like they are getting enough attention. We try to make sure we have some quiet evenings just the two of us, even if it’s just to curl up and watch a tv series or film. Romance for us isn’t like in the movies, it’s made up of smaller things throughout the day that make us both happy.

ROMEO Love Story Update

How will you be spending Valentine’s Day?

I don’t think we will be doing much for Valentine’s Day this year. We are both financially a bit stretched this year so we might just stay in, have an evening for ‘us’ and watch a rom-com. Sounds a bit lame, but it will be nice for us. We still like each other thankfully. Ha! But Valentine’s Day will always be special for us and this year it’s three years to the day that he proposed.

Hope all is good with you guys over at Romeo. Big Hug from us,

Liam and Raphael

ROMEO Love Story 2018

Want to see the original interview with Liam and Raphael? Check out their ROMEO Love Story from last year.

Photo Gallery

Here’s a couple of pics from Liam and Raphael’s honeymoon in Thailand.

ROMEO Love Story Update ROMEO Love Story Update

ROMEO Love Story Update

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