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As part of our goal to create and maintain a supportive online community for guys just like you, we also offer our Local Ads service. This is a way for gay-friendly businesses to advertise on ROMEO and reach users in their hometowns and cities. So, if you have a business or an event that has an actual location like, a florist shop, a gym, a party, or any other local business, you can advertise on the Discover page, for as little as €99,00. We speak to Felix from Fame, Stuttgart about his experience of using Local Ads.

Felix Horsch – Fame

Felix is the club promoter and organizer of Stuttgart’s largest gay party, Fame. Felix has been advertising with us for ten years and here is what he has to say about using our service:

“Our advertising campaign on ROMEO has been running for 10 years now, continuously. We have had full houses at Fame for those ten years and the advertising on ROMEO was certainly part of that success.“

“Additionally, advertising on ROMEO is a necessity, and I could not do without it. They have listened to our feedback and adapted their advertising model to meet our growing needs. I’m very happy with ROMEO Local Ads.”

Perks of Local Ads

Local Ads are visible to all Romeos as soon as a user logs in. Local Ads are a great way to increase awareness of your business to potential customers and act as a billboard for your services. We only require that your business is in a building or location that customers can physically walk into, it’s our bricks and mortar policy.

Apply for your Local Ad

We can help you to reach the right audience. To apply for a Local Ad just head on over to our Local Ads page and follow the instructions. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

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