Eurovision Live Voting ROMEO

Eurovision Live Voting

This year Eurovision is going to Tel Aviv, and once again our Romeos will be able to vote live on ROMEO. When you log in to the website you will see the usual icons at the top, RADAR, TRAVEL, etc., and now you will also see a music note on the far right; Tap this to enter ROMEO Eurovision live voting. If you log in with a web browser on a smartphone or tablet, the music icon will be in the menu.


Once you have tapped the music icon, there are two sections to choose from: VOTES and CHAT.


You can watch the official music videos of each country and vote for your favorite. You can also see a scoreboard to keep an eye on how each country is doing.

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After you vote, the flag of the country you voted for will be added to your avatar in the live chat section. This is a chat where all the voters can say something about Eurovision.

Eurovision Live Voting ROMEO

Eurovision Live GRAND FINALE

On Saturday evening, May 18th, it’s time for the Grand Finale. ROMEO is live-streaming our very own Eurovision Party at our headquarters in Amsterdam. You will be able to watch our event while voting. You can vote from right now, up until the end of the event. Our livestream is set to start just before 21:00 CEST.

Eurovision Live Voting ROMEO

Count Down to Peter

The voting page is counting down to our very own livestream, and we will be joined by the gorgeous, brilliant, and super cute Peter Van Vught as our MC for the evening. We had a little gossip with Peter recently to spill the tea on who to look out for at the Grand Finale, and to see who’s his favorite Viennese Queen. (Spoiler alert: It’s Conchita.)

Social Media

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get an all-round experience of our Eurovision coverage. We will be tweeting live from Tbilisi in Georgia, and we’ll be streaming on Facebook and Instagram Story from ROMEO HQ in Amsterdam. Join the conversation by using the hashtags: #ROMEOEurovision #ROMEOLiveVoting #ROMEOLiveStream

Happy Voting!



As countries are eliminated at each semi-final, they will be removed from our voting system.

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ROMEO Eurovision Hotties

Vote for your favorite Eurovision Hottie on our other poll.


VideoChat: Face-to-Face

Did you know you can use VideoChat on the ROMEO app?

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