ROMEO at Folsom Europe 2018

Strangers to Folsom Europe might have no idea about what happens there, or who the fair is really intended for. Many might assume it’s a gay man event, others might think it’s only for people into leather. Well, we went along to this year’s event to see for ourselves, first-hand, who goes there and what they like to get up to at Folsom Europe 2018.

We were so happy to see people of every race, color, size, age, and gender happily enjoying Folsom Europe 2018. From families with strollers eating ice creams and wiping their kid’s noses, to porn stars wearing hard-core gear, and lesbian couples kissing in the street, the festival really is open to everyone. 

Folsom Europe 2018

Folsom already gets enough press for being a fetish and sex event, so we decided to ask guys on the street to kiss for us, and show a softer more affectionate side of Folsom. It’s not all about whips, chains, and slings, (although a lot of it actually is), it’s also about being your true authentic self and connecting with people through love, sex, and kisses.

Give Love, Get Love, Make Love,


Over to you!

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