ROMEO Art - Marlon Groenhart

ROMEO Art – Marlon Groenhart

In this edition of ROMEO Art, we feature Marlon Groenhart, a contemporary artist and model with 20+ exhibitions under his belt, to date. Originally from Suriname, the accomplished artist now calls Amsterdam home. Like so many other creative minds, Groenhart has more than a passing fondness for New York City, which can be seen in some of his pieces. His exclusive work is often made to order or for specific exhibitions. This is a selection from a body of work that is tucked away in the private galleries of his collectors. 

In Conversation with the Artist

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

“I’m Marlon Groenhart, born in Suriname, and living in Amsterdam. I make enjoyment into a living art and that affects and influences each facet of my life.”

“Actually my life is the personification of joie de vivre. My flexibility, in combination with this joie de vivre, also forms the fundamental characteristic for everything that I do and organize.”

ROMEO Art - Marlon Groenhart


What would you like to say with your art?

“Not much. There is no deep meaning behind my work. But it also depends on what period of my life I am in. Now, I do more tailor made artwork.”

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ROMEO Art - Marlon Groenhart


How do you choose your subjects?

“It depends on how I feel, what I want to say, and where my life is going at that moment.”

What are you doing now?

“I’m preparing for my upcoming exhibitions; one in Berlin and one in New York. I’m scouting locations, looking for sponsors and creating my art.”

Where can people find more of your art?

“Anyone can find me on Instagram and on my website.”

Romeo Art – The Gallery

ROMEO Art - Marlon Groenhart ROMEO Art - Marlon Groenhart

ROMEO Art - Marlon Groenhart


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